He must have hidden the weapon

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cheap jordans for sale The candidates campaigning to replace him largely avoided mentioning guns at all.Roof said he used birthday money from his parents to buy a.45 Glock pistol before the attack, Meek said. He must have hidden the weapon, because Charleston County Coroner Rae Wilson said he didn’t initially appear threatening to the church members.Meek called the FBI after recognizing Roof in the surveillance footage, down to the stained sweatshirt he wore while they played Xbox videogames the morning of the attack.”I didn’t THINK it was him. I KNEW it was him,” Meek told The Associated Press after being interviewed by investigators.It’s not clear whether Roof had any connection to the 16 white supremacist organizations operating in South Carolina, but he appears to be a “disaffected white supremacist,” based on his Facebook page, said Richard Cohen, president of Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama.On his Facebook page, Roof displayed the flags of defeated white ruled regimes, posing with a Confederate flags plate on his car and wearing a jacket with stitched on flag patches from apartheid era South Africa and Rhodesia, which is now black led Zimbabwe.His previous record includes misdemeanor drug and trespassing charges.Spilling blood inside a black church especially “Mother Emanuel cheap jordans,” founded in 1816 evoked painful memories nationwide, a reminder that black churches so often have been the targets of racist violence.A church founder, Denmark Vesey, was hanged after trying to organize a slave revolt in 1822, and white landowners burned the church in revenge, leaving parishioners to worship underground until after the Civil War cheap jordans for sale.

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