My name is Ekrem Vural, people usually call Echo. I’m Istanbul based multi discipline creative software developer with 15+ years in the software/digital advertising sector, working as web developer (frontend and backend), software developer (desktop, mobile and creative such as C++ on Openframeworks) and mobile developer (Objective C and Android Java Platforms).

My main skills are: development of web and os based applications with PHP, Phyton, C++  or Javascript. Mobile applications with native iOS or native Android. Desktop applications for MacOS and Linux. Creative Applications with Openframeworks and Processing. OS level applications/scripts with python, C/C++ and shell script.

My hobby skills are: build of robotics and electronics with Arduino and Raspberry Pi (Also I was working on some projects for business). Bushcraft with tent, knife, axe and my arms. Leather crafting and wood carving. Cooking. Diving graduated Padi Dive Master Program. Reading and watching sci-fi.. Fermentation beer and wine, distilling alcohol. Running and boxing.

-Programming languages: Python, PHP, Objective C, Java, C/C++, Processing, Arduino, Node JS, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node JS,, Actionscript

-Web frameworks: Yii, Laravel, WordPress, Flask, Tornado, Django, Scrapy, VueJS, React

-Desktop frameworks: PySide, Qt4/5, OpenFrameworks

-Social SDKs: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

-SDKs, APIs: Amazon, Google, Vodafone Technology, etc.

-HTTP Servers: Apache, Apache Tomcat, Nginx, Gunicorn

-Unix shells: bash/zsh/tcsh

-Version Control Systems: GIT (GitHub, Bitbucket). Also old school SVN

-Databases: experience with sql databases (MySql, MsSql, Oracle) and no-sql databases (MongoDB, Redis), using ORMs and queries